More about Summerhill

A.S.Neil talks about freedom and his SummerhillSchool in England. Summerhill is often said to be the first school based on freedom and democratic ideals.


‘Why its Kicking off Everywhere’

From the website of  The Really Open University

Article – Communiqué from an Absent Future

Pedagogy, Process

By Gramsci (short) on the limits of what was the Popular University of Turin

A discussion of critical pedagogy – part of a meeting held by what was The Space Project which was part of The Really Open University

Ideas of, about, Education Reference materials, of, about education…

Paulo Freire. Pedagogy of the Oppressed – available free online

Ivan Illich. Deschooling Society – available free online

David Gribble (some free texts)

More information of,  about, critical teaching, learning process…